Kindle Voyage

Transforming the Kindle Voyage

For the launch of Amazon’s next generation of e-reader—the Kindle Voyage—the WongDoody agency partnered with Mirada Studios and Motion Theory Director Chris Riehl to craft a uniquely imagined global campaign.

Riehl & Mirada were enlisted to conceptualize, design, and deliver a spot showcasing the highly advanced features of the new e-reader – by bringing them to life in an animated journey through its pages.

Riehl lead the creative development for the spot and explained, “Instead of doing something as literal as when you press the button and pages turn, we focused on different ways to bring each of the specific features to life in a manner that really felt like it embodied the spirit of the device. We wanted to challenge the boundary between product shot and fully conceived CG world building.”

During the exploratory phase, Mirada produced tests for Amazon to define how the storybook-inspired world would look, move, and feel. Through extensive concept development with a team of designers and CG artists, built a distinctive “tactile textual” visual language with an almost hyper-real handcrafted approach – using techniques ranging from paper cut to paper construction. Then, to bring the power of the e-reader to life across this experience, Mirada artists focused on ways to embody the character of the Kindle Voyage, rather than a just offering a visual procession through its features.

The core idea was to transform the Kindle Voyage into a fluid visual stage where viewers almost forget that all these images and transitions were occurring on the same tabletop tableau of the product. Beginning as a series of simple, iconic visuals, then developing into fully dimensional representations of Kindle Voyage features, the storytelling evolves from more abstract, to concrete illustrations of the usability of the Kindle Voyager.

--the storytelling evolves from more abstract, to concrete illustrations of the usability of the Kindle Voyager.

The team animated swiftly moving storybook pages that effortlessly collect and withdraw from one form to another to produce an array of scenes that represented the Voyage’s key features – like a light bulb, for instance, to highlight the its increased readability during the day and night. From calendars to lavish libraries, to origami bird characters that form from the pages of a book and fly away to personify the pressure sensitive page turn feature with a touch of a button – always with an eye toward infusing objects with depth and dimensionality for a much more cinematic experience.

The result is an intricately crafted piece of visual storytelling – one that invites audiences into the storybook-like landscapes of their favorite books, while illuminating of the next generation e-reader’s latest and greatest features. Amazon’s Kindle Voyage is available for pre-order now and will be distributed in October.

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