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The VR world of Mr. Robot

Stepping Inside the World of Mr. Robot Through a VR Experience

For the 2016 Comic Con San Diego promotional campaign, the hit USA network show Mr. Robot wanted to capitalize on their success with their first endeavor into virtual reality. The goal: use VR as a narrative device, not just another VR technical demo. To execute this vision, the show creators and production company Hear Be Dragons appealed to Mirada. “This was more than immersive storytelling…It is about finding the embodiment of the show’s world and atmosphere” said VR Technical Director Andy Cochrane, “the show creators wanted to challenge a lot of the VR conventions and it was our duty to find practical solutions that aligned with their narrative vision.”

The 13-minute experience features an intense backstory of Elliott’s relationship with his now deceased dealer-turned-girlfriend, Shayla. The post-production provided by Mirada featured the combination and alignment of disparate cameras and technologies, final fine-stitch and clean-up, complete ceiling replacements with CG, scene transitions, a motion graphic montage, titles, and final conform.

Utilizing Mirada’s proven VR pipeline, the team was able to execute at the breakneck pace of traditional television post-production. Part of the challenge of the 30-day schedule was ensuring that Here Be Dragon’s Within app development team had the ability to compress the final cinematic-quality version to be downloadable for the Comic Con one-time viewing event. The final version needed to survive the compression of the original 106GB render to the 1GB downloadable file format and still feature the narrative vision of the show creators including smoke, exquisite texture and detail of the set, and seamless stitching. “We are working with characters who’s fans already have a deep connection,” said Cochrane. “If we don’t deliver on execution, the nuances of the story are lost to the new medium. We were there to enable the characters to be who their audience knows them to be, not just a simulation of them in virtual reality.”

The film on the Within the app and online has an expected total viewership of at least 10 million impressions. It is available on all major VR headsets including GearVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Cardboard for Android and iOS as well as 360º video for Facebook and YouTube.

<strong>USA Network </strong> The VR world of Mr. Robot
The goal: use VR as a narrative device, not just another VR technical demo.