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<strong>Vizio </strong><BR />Mirada Takes Viewers on a Voyage  Inside Vizio's Picture Techonology

Mirada Takes Viewers on a Voyage Inside Vizio’s Picture Techonology

Mirada Studios recently partnered with David & Goliath for VIZIO’s latest brand film “What Is Smart ?”. Inspired by the notion that technology can be beautiful and should simplify life, the spot artfully transports viewers through a subatomic universe of pixels within the television.  Here at Mirada we are of a like mind – and on this project our Design, FX, Programming and Animation teams all came together to show that it is true – technology is beautiful.

<strong>Pacific Rim </strong><BR />Before & Afters

Pacific Rim 
Before & Afters

Mirada was the creative and technical force behind the two-minute prologue of Guillermo del Toro’s robots vs. monsters epic, Pacific Rim. Mirada was co-founded by del Toro along with award winning director Mathew Cullen, Executive Producer Javier Jimenez and Academy Award winning DP, Guillermo Navarro.  del Toro worked closely with Mathew Cullen, President/Sr. VFX Supervisor John Fragomeni and the Mirada team to design, create, shoot, edit and execute more than 80 stunning visual effects shots for the prologue sequence.

<strong>MoonMan </strong><BR />Mirada Wins MTV Moonman

Mirada Wins MTV Moonman

Mirada Studios was honored with a Moonman for “Best Visual Effects” at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards for its work on Capital Cities’ “Safe and Sound” music video.   The music video, a vibrant celebratory mash-up of more than 40 wildly different dance styles, was seamlessly brought together by Mirada artists to tell an interesting and artistic story.  Techniques include head replacements, complex animations, stock footage integration, transformations, and retro-inspired visual effects and color treatments ranging from black and white silent film influences to psychedelic visuals.