Case Studies

Lobby Experience

Mirada transforms the lobby into a place which tells the original stories of Netflix itself.

By creating 1:1 real scale worlds from Netflix’s beloved shows, visitors and employees walk through the front doors and are transported into the landscapes of Stranger Things,…

UCLA Centennial
‘Let There Be’ Campaign

Mirada Illuminates UCLA’s Proud Past and Brilliant Future Through Projection Mapping

To kick off its historic “Let There Be” centennial campaign, UCLA turned to Mirada to create a live event spectacle—a one-of-a-kind film projected across Royce Hall…

THINK Exhibit

An Immersive Story Experience – In Three Parts

Experienced as a whole, the three phases of IBM’s THINK Exhibit formed a single cerebrally and aesthetically cohesive narrative – its story arc and impact unimpeded by any actual IBM branding.

Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

For National Geographic’s Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, Mirada helps create content for an immersive, interactive attraction that brings the magic of the ocean into New York City’s Times Square. The exhibit incorporates digital technology, 3D imagery and special effects to evoke an underwater journey from the South Pacific to the North American West Coast — without getting wet.

New Fantasyland

Rediscovering the Happiest Place on Earth from Bold New Perspectives

As Disney continues to evolve their brand, expand their parks around the globe, and integrate their latest stories and characters into these classic experiences, they have turned repeatedly to Mirada to help realize their ambitions, and turn these dreams into magical reality…

Building the House of Red

Building on their longstanding relationship, the Target creative team and Mirada partnered once more to bring their iconic vision for House of Red to life.

Mirada co-founder and director Mathew Cullen collaborated closely with Target’s creative team – setting out to develop a campaign where best-selling artists launch Target-specific versions of their new albums with exclusive tracks…

Pacific Rim
Designing A Monster Film with Our Monster Filmmaker

For his epic sci-fi feature, Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro—owner, director, and founding partner of Mirada—turned to his home base, enlisting studio talent on everything from concept development to the two-minute prologue.

5 RPM Gum

The VFX Evolution of a Brand:
From Scientific Stimulation to Heroic Engagement

When Wrigley’s introduced their newest 5 Gum flavors in the form of RPM, Energy BBDO enlisted director Jon Favreau and Mirada to help reframe and update the shocking-scientific-experiment motif that had marked their previous 5 Gum spots – from “passive shock and awe” vignettes to a full-on, active, user-engaged experience.

Kindle Voyage Campaign

Transforming the Kindle Voyage

For the launch of Amazon’s next generation of e-reader—the Kindle Voyage—the WongDoody agency partnered with Mirada Studios and Motion Theory Director Chris Riehl to craft a uniquely imagined global campaign.

Department of Human Management
A Self-Reflexive Journey into Interactive Publishing

To mark the release of The Night Eternal, the final novel in Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s best-selling vampire horror trilogy, The Strain, HarperCollins enlisted Mirada to design, develop, and produce a new kind of online marketing experience.

Katy Perry
Dark Horse

How to Build a Neo-Ancient Egyptian Hip-Hop Epic

For the latest film in Mirada’s “Katy Perry trilogy”—which began with the award-winning “California Gurls,” continued with “Roar,” and culminates with “Dark Horse”—the studio pushed their tradition of creating larger-than-life worlds to new heights.

December to Remember

Crafting a Holiday Trilogy of Tall Tales

For the launch of its annual “December to Remember” Sales Event, Lexus and Team One partnered with Mirada to create a trilogy of holiday “tall tales.”

Each film shares an imaginative glimpse at how Santa delivers Lexus vehicles—with each introducing a different winter wonderland where impressive magic moments unfold. In bringing each story in this ambitious campaign to life on an ambitious deadline, Mirada’s team created the kind of large-scale cinematic grandeur usually reserved for a holiday blockbuster.

The Story Behind the Mirror

Crafting the World’s First Living Storybook

In bringing the MirrorWorld app to life, best-selling author Cornelia Funke and Mirada set out to create something unique to the publishing world: a living storybook that merges literature, interactive gaming, graphic novels, and film.


Redefining the Retail Experience

The Nike VJ Installation was created to redefine the retail experience – inspiring its visitors to express themselves though original art and music in an event ideally tailored to Nike’s core demographic: everyone.

With a giant video wall as their canvas, visitors were invited to stand before a podium with a pair of custom-built sneakers (designed to feel like a classic two-turntable setup) equipped with gaming controller technology that allowed them to paint animated visuals and create sounds – using Nike shoes as their brush.

3 Dreams of Black

Pioneering Art and Technology in the First Ever Interactive WebGL Film

When director Chris Milk was approached by Google to create an interactive film to mark the release, and illustrate the capabilities, of WebGL in Google Chrome, Chris enlisted Mirada to design and create the surreal animated world and characters for the groundbreaking project, “3 Dreams of Black.”

Under Armour
Visualizing Innovation

Defining the Visual Voice of The UA Record

For the launch of their first connected fitness app, Under Armour enlisted Mirada to announce the arrival of their groundbreaking training tool: The UA Record.

Building on a long-running relationship with the studio, Under Armour turned to Mirada to spearhead the entire campaign – defining the visual voice of The UA Record for its January launch at CES in Las Vegas.

Brand Film

A New Kind of Automotive Inspiration – and a new level of car and driver connectivity.

When it came time for Mazda Japan and The Garage to announce the all-new MAZDA3, they looked to Mirada as their partner to conceive a future-forward visual odyssey: a hyperreal CG journey spotlighting the vehicle’s new exterior design, advanced engineering, and fresh interior features – all in one seamless automotive adventure.

Reimagining The Munsters

When executive producer/writer Bryan Fuller and director/executive producer Bryan Singer set out to create a new version of the 60s classic “The Munsters”, they turned to Mirada to bring this reimagined world to life in Mockingbird Lane.


Mathew Cullen, an Inglewood native and co-founder of Mirada, has overseen the production of 500+ projects, and directed and produced over 100 commercials and music videos, including global campaigns for HP, IBM, Google, and Disney. He has worked with artists such as Adele, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Green Day, Taylor Swift, Pink, Beck, R.E.M. and Kygo. Cullen won two consecutive Grammy Awards for directing The Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow” and Weezer’s “Pork and Beans”, the most blogged-about YouTube video of 2008. The video also earned him a Guinness World Record for most memes in a video. In 2014, Cullen reunited with Katy Perry to win Best Video at the MTV Europe Music Awards and Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards for “Dark Horse”, the most watched music video of the year with over two billion views. In 2017, Cullen and Perry collaborated again, getting him a nomination for Director of the Year at the MTV VMAs for “Chained to the Rhythm”.

Aside from commercials and music videos, Cullen is on the frontier for work in virtual and augmented reality. Under his creative direction, Mirada has launched a number of multi-platform experiential projects, including the IBM THINK Exhibit installation at the Lincoln Center, the Ro.me interactive music video, and MirrorWorld, a living storybook app for author Cornelia Funke’s book series.

Mathew currently serves on the Board of Directors for Film Independent.

Vanessa Marzaroli is an Emmy-winning director whose work combines elegant and startling visual textures with a warm and soulful emotional core. Her distinct visual flair for design elements is a trademark aesthetic.

She has brought her unique refined style and contemporary edge to a wide variety of projects, including commercial films for Audi, HP, Visa, Target and many others. Her music video for Cinematic Orchestra’s “Lilac Wine” was hailed for its delicacy and sophisticated sense of design, earning Vanessa her second Emmy, a London International Gold, a Red Stick International Gold, a Baton D’or, and other notable awards. Credited as animation director alongside Robert Hales, her collaboration on Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” was one of the most notable videos during its time, winning a VMA for “Best Direction” and further numerous accolades.

A native of Thailand, Marzaroli moved to California in her teens to further her classical piano training along with her twin sister. In high school, she discovered a passion for the visual arts and has been cultivating it ever since. Her love of photography, fashion, art, and typography are evident in her work.

Marzaroli is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design and has been a long time collaborator with Mirada. She was a Creative Director for some of the industries most well respected production companies including Logan, Blind and Motion Theory. Her work has been honored by the AICP Awards, Art Directors Club, D&AD, The Type Directors Club, BDA, Prix Arts, and Cannes Film Festival.

Director Christopher Riehl’s work is a fusion of forms – an unexpected blend of the delicate and painterly, the whimsical and tactile – all coming together cohesively to strike audiences in bold new ways. His willingness to experiment has resulted in some of the most interesting and fresh work on the scene today.

Since joining Motion Theory’s roster in 2009, Chris has directed unique and artful spots for Target, Intel, SOYJOY, Michelob, and other top brands. His inspired animated storytelling for Target’s 2010 “Better Bullseye” campaign earned a VES nomination for Outstanding Animated Commercial, and his interdisciplinary approach gave Intel’s “Sponsors of Tomorrow” campaign an ideal blend of high technology and accessible humanity.

A Dallas native, Chris developed an early interest in filmmaking and started creating animated shorts before he was 10 years old. He founded the motion design collective Born, and brought his command of art, design, music and storytelling to top agencies, production companies, and game developers.

Driven by a deeply rooted compulsion to create, Chris seeks out simple solutions to complex graphic problems – working to make storytelling push the boundaries of media, and media to push the boundaries of storytelling. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and graduate of the Art Center College of Design.


Mirada is a convergence of perspectives focused on advancing the art and science of storytelling. We built our studio as a perpetual idea machine, a story engine, to engage broader audiences in better ways — and the highest level of this engagement comes from pioneering hybrid narrative experiences. Sometimes the experience illuminates the inherent story values of a brand. Sometimes it leads audiences to uncharted places. Sometimes it’s just an incredible idea that needs to be realized, because it just does.

We seek out these imagination-adrenaline rushes because they are the purest expressions of our core principles: mutual inspiration; inventing immersive story worlds; synthesizing archetypal oral tradition with modern technique; forcing arguments; cross-pollinating epiphanies; and fearlessly pursuing the horizon.



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