ExxonMobil – Let’s Deliver

Business leaders around the world are facing a tough challenge. They have promised to build a more sustainable future, pledging…

ExxonMobilLet’s Deliver

Business leaders around the world are facing a tough challenge. They have promised to build a more sustainable future, pledging carbon-neutral goals to make it happen. But the fact is, they are going to need to double the pace of their emissions reductions to meet their pledge by 2030. ExxonMobil can help. They have developed and are using solutions like Carbon Capture, power from hydrogen, and biofuels to help meet their own emission goals. Now they are offering these same cutting-edge solutions to the heavy industries that need assistance in meeting their sustainability targets.

In executing this global digital campaign with BBDO, Mirada navigated three key elements crucial to its success: we captured real ExxonMobil engineers and scientists on location, seamlessly transitioned from one character to the next, and crafted a distinctive graphic animation mnemonic. This approach not only showcased the authenticity of ExxonMobil's commitment but also facilitated a cohesive storytelling experience, reinforcing the brand identity across diverse digital platforms. These elements, meticulously executed by Mirada, became integral in illustrating ExxonMobil's dedication to a low-carbon future, inspiring industries worldwide toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious tomorrow.

This film centers around genuine storytellers, capturing their performances with a dynamic film language. As we navigate heavy industries, each location seamlessly builds towards the World of Industry icon. Key elements include drawing out natural performances, a modular mnemonic approach, and a nimble production strategy.

The shoot spanned Houston and ExxonMobil facilities over four days, requiring a nimble, small-footprint approach for minimal disruption. Our on-site crew was kept to a minimum, swapping teams as needed for efficiency, safety, and respect. Locations feature uplifting, clutter-free environments, allowing for minimal cleanup while adding minor post-production enhancements. Guided by a documentary-style approach, we aimed for authentic, personal performances, ensuring genuine insights and a comfortable, confident delivery.

Tasked with seamlessly merging live-action elements into post-production, Mirada embarked on the creation of the World of Industry Icon. This iconic representation symbolizes the breadth of industries benefiting from low-carbon solutions, with employees at its core representing the collaborative partnership between industries and ExxonMobil. Utilizing a quadrant approach, the dynamic world consists of cohesive sections highlighting key industry focuses, designed with contrasting aesthetics that maintain a live-action, photo-real quality. Iconic elements, meticulously scaled for optimal visibility, contribute to the impactful and interconnected visual.

In an expedited post-production timeline, we concurrently edited 8 unique spots and generated 48 deliverables through versioning, employing an overlapping phase approach. Beyond editing, Mirada's post-production efforts included essential VFX enhancements - integrating steel rolls, matte painting, set extensions, and meticulous scene removals for a comprehensive and polished final product.


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