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Client Project
Experiential Reel
Sphere IBM x Adobe IBM x Adobe
Peacemaker Comic-Con Activation Comic-Con Activation
Call of Duty The Drop The Drop
Sphere Intel CES Intel CES
Marines Battle Tested Battle Tested
Netflix Lobby Experience Lobby Experience
UCLA Let There Be Light Let There Be Light
Sphere Android CES Android CES
James Jean “Falling Boy” Interactive Museum Exhibit Interactive Museum Exhibit
Netflix Tudum Theater Tudum Theater
Netflix Over The Moon Over The Moon
Amazon Maisel Experience Maisel Experience
Sphere Hellmann’s Hellmann’s
Intel RealSense Dancer Dancer
IBM Centennial Think Exhibit Centennial Think Exhibit
Budlight Seats Of Glory Seats Of Glory
Amazon Man in the High Castle Experience Man in the High Castle Experience
Amazon Homecoming Homecoming
Gatorade Be Like Mike All Star Weekend Be Like Mike All Star Weekend
MirrorWorld Interactive iPad App Interactive iPad App
AllState Mayhem Tweet Off Mayhem Tweet Off
Chevrolet Spark Bungee Bungee
ESPN SportsNation SportsNation

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